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Principal's Message

Welcome to Regina Mundi!

Welcome to Regina Mundi where we are guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Master Teacher, and we are called to continue his work in all that we do for others and for ourselves.

My name is Mrs. Rowena Daly and it is my honour and privilege to serve as the current Principal of Regina Mundi Catholic Elementary School. I am committed to provide our students with the best Catholic Education possible, with the support of staff, parents/guardians, and the Regina Mundi Parish.

I would like to thank Mrs. DiCenso, past principal, for the work she has done for this school community over the past 5 years. Her service and successes have become the foundations upon which we can continue to build our positive learning environments. We wish her all of God’s blessings as she shares her gifts and talents with St. Joseph’s Catholic Elementary School.

The gift of a publicly funded Catholic Education system is something that I did not have growing up in the United States. Now, working in the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, I am grateful to be surrounded with such a loving and inclusive staff and school community where we live our shared beliefs to continue the work of Jesus Christ and to serve others in the wider community. I am particularly grateful that my four children are successful graduates of this system and know that their rich K-12 faith journeys contribute to their continued success in their lives today. Thank you, parents/guardians, for choosing Catholic education and entrusting us with supporting your children in the area of Believing, Achieving and Serving. We appreciate your support and ask you to pray for us as we do our best to help your children learn and grow.

"Let us remember Paul VI's words: 'For the Catholic Church, no one is a stranger, no one is excluded, no one is far away' (Homily for the closing of the Second Vatican Council, 8 December 1965). Indeed, we are a single human family that is journeying on toward unity, making the most of solidarity and dialogue among peoples in the multiplicity of differences. "
--Pope Francis