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Catholic School Council

Catholic School Council 2017/2018

The Regina Mundi Catholic School Council is a group of dedicated parents who meet every two months to give input, share insights, and help to plan special events to enhance the educational experience of the students of Regina Mundi School. Some of the projects co ordinated by our CSC include: Family Advent Night, Christmas Tree of Warmth, Pancake Breakfast, Valentine's Cake Raffle, Pizza at Dofasco Park, and Canda's 150th Birthday BBQ.

Catholic School Councils shall provide the structure that enables parents, staff, principals, students, community and parish members to come together to review and address the education of that communities children.

The purpose of Catholic School Councils is, through the active participation of parents, to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents and to promote the mission of Catholic education within the school community.

The Catholic School Council's primary means of achieving its purpose is by making recommendations in accordance with Regulation 612(Appendix B) to the principal of the school and to the board.

Catholic School Councils shall reinforce, through recommendations and their own activities, the concept of the school as one of the institutions which convey and express the life of the Church. With the broader Church community, the school shares responsibility for the spiritual growth and development of students as part of its educational task.

The Catholic School Council may make recommendations to the principal of the school or to the Board on any matter as outlined in Regulation 612. In addition, the Catholic School Council may make recommendations concerning:
~ liturgical celebrations
~ school-based services and community partnerships related to spiritual, social, recreational, nutritional and health programs
~ retreats for Catholic School Councils together with their communities

The responsibilities of the Catholic School Council shall include:
~ supporting the values, beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith
~ providing minutes of meetings and financial records
~ consulting with parents of pupils in the school about matters under consideration by the Catholic School Council
~ providing a written annual report on its activities to the principal of the school and to the Board through the Superintendent of Education